Here, I compile a list of upcoming conferences and workshops. This compilation is influenced by my interest towards events related to economic theory, game theory, and microeconomics. It is also affected by my limited knowledge, for which I mostly refer to the annual events that some of my associates and/or I attended in the past, and by my participation feasibility, which makes the list somewhat Europe-centric. The entries are arranged according to their (tentative) submission deadlines.

Event / Organizer
[with link to the organizer’s
website, if available]
[with link to website of the
forthcoming edition, if available]
DateSubmission deadline
The Royal Economic SocietyBelfast, Northern Ireland25.03.24 -27.03.2416.10.23
Disclosure, Information Sharing, and SecrecyOnline26.02.24 – 27.02.2415.11.23
European Public Choice Society (EPCS)Vienna, Austria02.04.24 – 05.04.2430.11.23
Mannheim Center for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI)Mannheim, Germany14.03.24 – 15.03.2401.12.23
American Law and Economics AssociationMichigan, USA17.05.24 – 18.05.2431.01.24
Industrial Organization Society (IIOS)Boston, USA03.05.24 – 05.05.2431.01.24
Society for Institutional and Organization Economics (SIOE)Chicago, USA27.06.24 – 29.06.2431.01.24
World Congress of the Game Theory SocietyBeijing, China19.08.24 – 23.08.2410.02.24
Coalition Theory Network WorkshopBudapest, Hungary13.05.24 – 24.05.2416.02.24
Mediterranean Workshop in Economic Theory (MWET)Rennes, France03.06.24 – 04.06.2426.02.24
European Economic Association (EEA-ESEM 2024)Rotterdam, Netherlands26.08.24 – 30.08.2429.02.24
The Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet Public Economics Conference (LAGV)Marseille, France26.06.24 – 28.06.2401.03.24
Theoretical Research in Development Economics (ThReD 2024)Namur, Belgium20.06.24 – 21.06.2408.03.24
North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (NASM)Nashville, USA13.06.24 – 16.06.2310.03.24
Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics annual conferenceBergen, Norway30.05.24 – 31.05.2410.03.24
European Workshop on Economic TheoryManchester, UK19.06.24 – 21.06.2410.03.24
Oligo WorkshopRethimno, Crete, Greece06.06.24 – 08.06.2415.03.24
Annual Meeting of The Portuguese Economic JournalFaro, Portugal05.07.24 – 07.07.2415.03.24
European Meeting on Game Theory 2024 (SING19)Besançon, France08.07.24 – 10.07.2415.03.24
European Association for research in Industrial Economics (EARIE)Amsterdam, Netherlands30.08.24 – 01.09.2415.03.24
Association for Public Economic Theory (APET)Lyon, France10.06.24 – 12.06.2415.03.24
Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE)Chania, Crete, Greece05.07.24 – 07.07.2424.03.24
Durham Economic Theory ConferenceDurham, UK06.06.24 – 07.06.2431.03.24
Central European Programme in Economic Theory (CEPET)Udine, Italy20.06.24 – 21.06.2431.03.24
European Association of Law and EconomicsTorino, Italy12.09.24 – 13.09.2403.04.24
Annuel conference on Contests: Theory and EvidenceReading, UK27.06.24 – 28.06.2415.04.24
Stony Brook International Conference on Game TheoryStony Brook, USA15.07.24 – 18.07.2401.05.24
Association of Southern Economic Theorists (ASSET)Venice, Italy01.11.24 – 02.11.2415.06.24
SAET Annual ConferenceIschia, Italy29.06.25 -05.07.25TBA
The Society for Economic Design (SED)Essex, UKJune 2025TBA