Here I attempt to track a list of interesting conferences and workshops. This list is biased by my preference for events related to economic theory, game theory, and microeconomics, by my knowledge for which I mostly refer to the annual events that some of my associates and/or I attended in the past, and by my participation feasibility, which makes the list somewhat Europe-centric. The list is ordered by the (tentative) submission deadline.

Event / Organizer
[with link to the organizer’s
website, if available]
[with link to website of the
forthcoming edition, if available]
DateSubmission deadline
ACM conference on Economics and ComputationKing’s College London, UK09.07.23 – 12.07.2320.01.23 (abstract)
27.01.23 (full paper)
Nordic Conference in Development Economics (NCDE)Gothenberg, Sweden14.06.23 – 15.06.2301.02.23
Midwest Economic Theory ConferenceTennessee, USA28.04.23 – 30.04.2326.02.23
The Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet Public Economics Conference (LAGV)Pharo Palace, Marseilles, France28.06.23 – 30.06.2326.02.23
Lisbon Meetings in Game Theory and ApplicationsLisbon, Portugal31.05.23 – 02.06.2315.03.23
European Association for research in Industrial Economics (EARIE)Rome, Italy24.08.23 – 26.08.2315.03.23
Contests: Theory and EvidenceReading, UK22.06.23 – 23.06.23 27.03.23
Nordic Workshop on Industrial Organization (NORIO)Stockholm, Sweden12.06.23 – 13.06.2331.03.23
European Workshop in Economic Theory (EWET)Naples, Italy02.07.23 – 04.07.2331.03.23
European Association of Law and EconomicsBerlin, Germany21.09.23 – 22.09.2303.04.23
Stony Brook International Conference on Game TheoryStony Brook, NY, USA24.07.23 – 27.07.2316.04.23
Jornadas de Economía IndustrialBilbao, Spain07.09.23 – 08.09.2314.05.23
Association of Southern Economic Theorists (ASSET)Lisbon, Portugal19.10.23 – 21.10.2318.06.23
Lancaster Game Theory ConferenceLancaster, UK03.11.23 – 04.11.2308.09.23
The Royal Economic SocietyBelfast, Northern Ireland25.03.24 -27.03.2416.10.23
Association for Public Economic Theory (APET)Santiago, Chile12.01.24 – 15.01.2427.10.23
Disclosure, Information Sharing, and SecrecyOnline26.02.24 – 27.02.2415.11.23
European Public Choice Society (EPCS)Vienna, Austria02.04.24 – 05.04.2430.11.23
Mannheim Center for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI)Mannheim, Germany14.03.24 – 15.03.2401.12.23
Industrial Organization Society (IIOS)Boston, USA03.05.24 – 05.05.24TBA
North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (NASM)Nashville, USA13.06.24 – 16.06.23TBA
Society for Institutional and Organization Economics (SIOE)Chicago27.06.24 -29.06.24TBA
Annual Meeting of The Portuguese Economic JournalFaro, Portugal05.07.24 – 07.07.24TBA
Oligo WorkshopCrete, Greece06.06.24 – 08.06.24TBA
Central European Programme in Economic Theory (CEPET)Udine, Italy20.06.24 – 21.06.24TBA
Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE)Chania, Crete, Greece05.07.24 – 07.07.2424.03.24
American Law and Economics AssociationMichigan, USA17.05.24 – 18.05.24TBA
Summer meetings of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society (EEA-ESEM)Rotterdam, Netherlands26.08.24 – 30.08.24TBA
The Society for Economic Design (SED)Essex, UKJune 2025TBA